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I worked with Bill through the process to learn about where I am with my life, what is important to me, where I want to be and how I’m going to get there. The process identified questions I had never considered. It was not one or two dimensional – it was whole person, whole family, whole life. That impressed me. Bill has done a wonderful job developing this process and I would highly recommend for everyone to go through the process and sincerely work the process to get your life on track and moving forward toward your dreams.
- Sharon Cawood, N2 Publishing

Bill Halsey is a caring professional facilitator.  I have attended several meetings conducted by Bill and I have been blown away by his professionalism.  You can see his experience as a pastor come through in his oral presence and caring attitude to his audience.  I had the privilege of participating in a one day QOL Business Summit.  Bill took the time to include breakout topics and speakers that would benefit his participants and better enhance their quality of business life. He took such thought in the venue, speakers, participants and schedule.  I think that I speak for all when I say, he has named his business correctly – Authentic Life Concepts is what he does like no one else.
- Karen George

I started seeing Bill after a couple of tough years of career and financial challenges – I had lost my purpose (and my confidence) somewhere along the way in all of this. I think what I value most about my time with Bill is him helping me to honestly and non-judgmentally evaluate myself – the good and also the challenges. Bill helped me disentangle myself from the negativity and focus how I can determine the future that I want for myself. Bill provided honest validation of my strengths and challenges in a way that helped  me reconnect  with the things that are important to me and begin to focus on where I want to be.
- Name Held by Request

Even with all the tools and technology available to us today, living life seems more chaotic and cluttered than ever.  Bill Halsey’s Authentic Life Concepts is helping me declutter and simplify life by defining what’s important to me spiritually, physically, emotionally, and professionally – he’s helping me realize that when I say no to something less important, I am, whether directly or indirectly, saying yes to something more important.  Thank you, Bill!
- Rich Deforest, Networking Today International

I cannot say enough nice things about Bill Halsey and Authentic Life Concepts. I was fortunate to meet Bill as I was emerging into the world as a business owner. Becoming a business owner was exciting and scary all at the same time and I wanted to set foundries early on to keep a good work-family balance. Bill and his Outcome Visioning process helps me to this day with more than work. I love to tell the story about looking for our home to buy. My husband and I were struggling to find a home we both liked; it was as combination of different perspectives as well as limited properties to look at. Once we finally had an offer on our condo we HAD to find a place to live and I felt stressed of course. We had found a home we both liked but did we love it. I realized I needed to create an Outcome Vision for our home and what was most important to our family. Bill helps to get to the heart of who you are and where you want to go. I will be forever grateful for what QOL Designs has done for me and look forward to working with Bill more in the future.
- Cara Knapp, Principal Architect – Oysk3 architects

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