Welcome to the website of Authentic Life Concepts. I’m honored to have you visit. This announcement is to inform you that Authentic Life Concepts – the business – is closed. As of May 30, 2024, Coach Bill retired and closed the company.

Note, however, that Authentic Life Concepts – the system, the methodology, the process – is alive and well. A new access to this system, and its usage and application, and help in applying it is under development. If you don’t know what this methodology is, stay in touch; you will learn about it with no pressure to engage. Remember, the business is closed.

This site as well as related social media sites will remain operative while this new development is underway. The most effective way to stay informed is to use the email address billhalsey@authenticlifeconcepts.com to contact me directly or sign up for our mailing list. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

So you know, this domain is not for sale; don’t even inquire.

Since you have read this notification to the end, you must be family or friend or truly interested in what Authentic Life Concepts can offer you or someone you care about. Get on board: signing up for the notification emails, doesn’t commit you to anything else than being informed.

I truly thank you for your interest. I thank God for you. I wish for you to love your life and truly enjoy being you; to accomplish those things that really matter to you and to see the impact you have had; and to have awesome relationships in which people are always glad to see you and thankful for knowing you.