We Offer Coaching, Seminars and Online Training

Is it really possible to balance life while owning your own business? Is it possible to feel that you actually accomplished something at the end of the day that made a difference in your business? Can you keep the vision for my business balanced and in focus?

We believe you can with the Authentic Life Concepts’ programs. We combine seminars with individual coaching to help you develop realistic goals and customized plans that will help you focus on what is important and what obstacles you need to avoid. All of our seminars are created with practical and time-tested tools to help you be your Authentic Self.


Coaching is designed to help you look forward and achieve positive results by identifying and developing strategies for an intended outcome. We focus on Outcome Visioning to help you in all areas of your personal and professional lives. We provide:

Individual Coaching

We work with individuals and families through a unique coaching process to identify the roadblocks to fulfillment. For clients who have multiple concerns or areas they would like to improve, our process provides a concentrated focus.


Group Coaching

If you have a specific group of individuals who would benefit from personal improvement, or increased productivity, our coaches can provide your group with the focus tools needed to get back on track and thrive in the months and years ahead.


Corporate Coaching

All of the services available to individuals are also available with a business focus. Our unique approach to our process provides us the flexibility to customize and present a seminar that fits your business needs that will engage your employees, improve your overall customer service, and can then improve the success of your business.

Online Seminars

Training, education and exposure to new people and ideas can lead to continuous improvement, motivation, and refocus for your life and in your business.

Our Seminars include:

Life Structuring

Understanding the basics of Life Structuring is essential to discovering and developing your Authentic Self. This seminar examines how you:

  • Learned to be the person you are
  • How the world structures your life
  • How to discover, embrace and live your authentic life

From this introduction, you are ready to proceed to A View from the Top of the Staircase. While you may view Tame the Chaos without first watching Life Structuring, this seminar will enhance what you gain from Tame the Chaos.

The View from the Top of the Staircase

This is the second video following Life Structuring where you learned how life is structured. The View is foundational before pursuing Individual Coaching or other trainings. The View from the Top of the Staircase provides you with the understanding of how you:

  • Increase in confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Gain more energy
  • Gain certainty about your goals and direction
  • Increase in the awareness and appreciation of your value and your assets

You will also discover the amazing potential you have. Dare to name the outcomes you believe are beyond reach. Dream of the changes you want to make and learn how to make them reality. This seminar challenges you to look at life from your most ambitious vision back to where you are now and to use the tools acquired here to get it done.

TAME the Chaos

This seminar teaches the life structuring process and how to take control of it for your life. At the end of the day there will always be things left undone – some that really matter to you. Using life structuring and outcome visioning, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! You can accomplish more of the important things and be less stressed about what’s left undone.

Expected benefits of this seminar are:

  • An increased awareness of what’s important and what’s not
  • How to prioritize your activities
  • Seeing improvement in your day-to-day life flow.

Get the knowledge and practical tools to get your life organized NOW! Not just time, but your whole life with all its priorities and responsibilities.

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