Life Structuring in the Authentic Life Concepts vocabulary means to organize your own life with purpose and integrity according to the necessities of your heart and soul. Organizing your life (Life Structuring) means to purposefully choose – based on your most important thing and the most impactful action – where you should be, what you should be doing, why you are doing it, whom you are with, how you go about it, the outcome that you intend, and the motivation that drives you.

We are each unique in all of time and place. You are unique. You are valuable, capable, and have a purpose in life.  No amount of influence from the world will ever get you to your full and impactful uniqueness. At some point – hopefully sooner than later – we are to emerge into our authentic uniqueness, claim the area of impact we feel called to, and take the initiative to structure our own lives with purpose and integrity.

By taking this introductory course you will understand the actionable process of Life Structuring so you can begin to build and implement the steps to take to impact your world in your unique way.

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