At Authentic Life Concepts, we have two mirrors for you to look in. Both reflect you, but they show something different. In the first mirror we see the image of the you that you and the rest of the world see every day. It’s really you, but there’s something about it that’s not quite complete. This first mirror reflects the person you learned to be.  In this reflection we see how well you have learned and how well you perform.  We see a wonderful person of value, capability, and purpose. This is a you whose life is largely structured by others.

In the second mirror we see the person you were born to be, the authentic you.  It’s not that the first image reflects a you that is inauthentic, but there’s more than the first image can show. In each person, there is an identity that the world cannot see or know. Within that identity is the core of your uniqueness. Within that identity is your faith, values, dreams, passions – the things that excite and energize you. Not because someone tells you to believe these things or pursue these things or love these things.  It’s because these things reflect the authentic, unique you.

In our terminology, emerging as the authentic person you were born to be, means:

  1. To become aware of the content of your hidden identity.
  2. To accept that content as true and real, and not be afraid to be you.
  3. To begin to structure you own life with purpose and integrity from your authentic self.
  4. Soon you cannot be anything other than the person you were born to be.

Our objective at Authentic Life Concepts is to facilitate the turn from the first mirror to the second. There are steps you can take to promote the emergence to authenticity. Without your emergence, we all miss out on something that no one else can provide us – you.

When we are born, we are utterly helpless – dependent on others. The foundational things we must know to thrive in the world, others teach us, as they also had been taught. For a good while others do structure our world, because we don’t have the experience or knowledge to do it for ourselves. But over time we begin to question things and have our own ideas. The world at that point will be all too happy to pull us back in and continue to organize our lives for us. So it is, many don’t ever really get a look in the second mirror. They know they aren’t happy in life, but they don’t know what to do about it. While many do emerge on their own, most people can benefit from coaching to advance the process.

How does one separate from the only type of experience of being that we’ve ever known to become open to something different? That is, how can we live in the world, be influenced by the world, yet not defined by the world?  How do we get in touch with that legitimate authority that we each have to define ourselves? And how do we do it in a way that brings a positive impact back to the world? And what is that experience like?

Emerging authentic as the person you were born to be is like:

– I can have a wonderful experience and enjoy it, but that doesn’t define who I am. I was already wonderful and valuable without that wonderful experience.

– I can have a horrible experience or hear about a tragedy and grieve deeply, but that doesn’t define who I am. I am still a wonderful and valuable person in spite of bad things in life.

– I can receive praise for an accomplishment or criticism for a choice I made and still be that wonderful and valuable person, just the same.

– I can enjoy things just the way they are or explore wild unheard of new approaches and not be locked in to either.  My identity doesn’t depend on such things.

– And while I am excited to learn new things and do new things, I also accept that I have the right and the responsibility to shape the world or my little part of it. I have a legitimate right and responsibility to lead, innovate, and mentor.

There are all manner of tools, processes, information, and coaching at Authentic Life Concepts. Most importantly, there is the absolute conviction that with you there is an identity that we will admire and support. Contact us with questions or to request more information.