Does Your Self-Care Plan Include Habit Management and Laughter?

May 17, 2018

Taking care of yourself. There are those who are quite serious and intentional about it. Then, there are those who leave it to chance – just trying not to do things that would result in your being worse off, sick, or injured. Taking care of yourself is, in fact, vitally important, and it entails more than you might think.  At Authentic Life Concepts we believe it is a foundational priority. For instance, does your self-care plan include habit management and laughter?

For example, Billy, to all appearances took very good care of himself. His weight is on target, he eats properly, he works out, he does not smoke, and he isn’t into extreme sports. Why is his doctor concerned about his health?  Billy is seriously stressed with work and family issues. He is sleep deprived, dehydrated, and trapped in a survival mode mentality. Despite all the good measures Billy is taking, there are ways in which he is neglecting himself and leaving his well-being to chance. Self-care is about more than the body and the mind. Don’t you think Billy needs some help? Do you?

Some of the things we would inquire about if we were coaching Billy include:

stress management • social opportunities • playing, laughing, having fun time and activity management • identifying and focusing on the important things • good financial management • issues with aging parents and growing children • learning new things and stimulating the intellect • toxic work environment • negative stimuli, including media • being stuck in a “learned-to-be” identity • bad or non-productive habits and routines • spirituality • being your authentic self

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

When we bring up so many areas of concern, many folks feel overwhelmed at first. But once discussed, it’s not really overwhelming. All aspects of one’s life work together – or against each other. By identifying one or two areas that are neglected and by realizing how working on those areas will also improve other areas, it’s not that difficult to set up a plan.

One tool that really gets a lot of result for us, is habit and routine management.  Habit is like an autopilot in our brain.  Habit, when it’s a good and productive habit, allows us to get more done with less thought.  When the habit is bad or non-productive, we can end up doing things that aren’t beneficial and not even know it.  This is one major reason why self-care needs to be comprehensive and intentional.

Finally, time:  time is an asset and has its boundary. We have time in which to do important and meaningful things. But we only have so much time; which means that at the end of the day there will be things left undone. One of our mantras is, “If it’s important, it’s time.” Health and our overall well-being are very important. So, it’s time. And if you want to be healthy and well in old age, you must be working on that right now. It won’t just happen, it’s up to you to make it happen. Self-care:  it’s time.

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