Why The Future will be Characterized by Change!

April 5, 2018

It’s been said that there is nothing in life as sure as death and taxes.  That’s not true.  One additional absolute certainly is change.  At Authentic Life Concepts, we help clients understand and utilize the change process.  Yes, I know the proverb that “there is nothing new under the sun.”  Yet, the technology we use in all this supposed sameness, makes life a different experience than what those who went before us went through. So, what can we expect when we cannot possibly know what to expect?

Massive Change will become the norm:

Change has always been a part of life.  In our day, the pace of change and the magnitude of change are unprecedented.  Neither the pace nor the magnitude is likely to decrease.

One of the changes that affects how change impacts us is the easy accessibility of new technology and information.  Innovation, for instance – an important form of change – is largely consumer driven.  We want the newest, latest “thing.”  As far back as I can remember, it’s been that way. Those who are responsible for innovation make accessibility a part of their innovation.

To be sure much of the change is good, but not all.  Nor can change-producers and change-distributors and change-consumers anticipate unforeseen impact.  Like a coin with two sides, the benefits of a new thing are accompanied by not so beneficial consequences.  Too often, once we realize the downside, we are too far into the introduction of the innovation to call it back or adjust it.

Simply put, skill at managing the impact change has on us, is and will always be an essential skill.

Transitioning will become an essential skill:

What does “transition” look like as a life skill?  I suggest that it includes the following elements.

1. Anticipate change. That is, learn to live in such a way that the fact of change does not catch you off guard.  And, while we are not suggesting anything like “fortune telling,” we can be informed and mindful of trends.

2. Acknowledge change when you become aware of it. Assess it realistically and make your best judgement of it’s potential for you. If there are good elements it in, how can you maximize the benefits for yourself?  If there are negative elements to it, how can you minimize the consequences for yourself.  This process involves being aware, purposeful, and intentional.

3. Learn about the three-stage change process and use it to your advantage. Information about this process is available from Authentic Life Concepts.

4. Have the integrity to say “no” to an innovation that is not in keeping with your principles, values, goals, and dreams. To do so requires having a rock-solid grasp of your values, calling, and priorities.

Change is introduced, or it happens.  Often, when the innovation appears and seems to be very beneficial, we just jump on it.  Only later, do we realize that it contradicts one of our principles or values.  Or maybe it just doesn’t do for us what we had hoped.  Buck the popular trend.  Say “no” to innovations that aren’t correct or right for you.

Then there is change that you wish for or want to initiate:

Bringing about intentional positive change can be very difficult or challenging.  At that point, at least inquire about our process at Authentic Life Concepts for helping change happen.  Assistance in applying the process to specific needs or objectives you have is available through face to face or remote individual coaching.  Contact us for additional information or a proposal.

Additionally, get the book, Transitions, Making Sense of Life’s Changes, by William Bridges.  Click the link on the Authentic Life Concepts website.

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