What is Authentic Life Concepts? And why should I care?

February 24, 2018

Great questions!  And frequently questioners will follow up with, “Is that like life coaching?” At Authentic Life Concepts, we are life coaches, but we are more.  Life coaching is a wonderful way to get some important questions straightened out.  To our tool kit, however we add numbers of other powerful methods and processes to teach you how to accomplish and achieve what matters most to you.  The following ten points should give you a clearer understanding of our work.

  1. First, before helping you reach for awesome objectives (which you can and will), we help you make sure your base is solid.  If we encourage and assist you to reach for something from an unsteady foundation and it goes badly, that’s not what we are after.
  2. Secondly, before helping you pursue your dreams, we help you make sure you know whose dreams you are following.  This is another dimension of a firm foundation:  authenticity.  If you build anything on something not authentic, is it really trustworthy?
  3. Essential to progress is to make a distinction between who you’ve been taught to be and who you were born to be.  You’re going to like you!  There is a big difference between the experiences you’ve had and are having, and your authentic identity.
  4. Whether you are fixing something, improving something, or pursuing something, we give you a way to clearly picture it and then know how to proceed.  This goes deeper than traditional goal setting.
  5. Instead of telling you what should be important, we provide the tools to help you identify and recognize what really matters to you.  Some things will be obvious, of course.  Often, there is another layer which opens all manner of new possibilities.  And sometimes, one of your most important concerns lies in an area of your life you don’t think about that often.
  6. We help you understand which of your assets and resources are most critical for your adventure, and they are seldom material assets.  Hint:  time, energy, personal well-being, and attention are in there!
  7. How do you make “time” your friend and ally?  People work hard to learn how to manage time.  The fact is that time cannot be managed.  Nor can you get more, make more, borrow more, or save it.  But if you understand a second dimension of time, you can take control.
  8. How can you effectively address difficult people and difficult circumstances? They will still be difficult, but you can be more confident and effective is those situations.
  9. Change is simply a reality of life.  We want you to know how to maximize the benefits of change, minimize the negative consequences of change, and effectively bring about intentional positive change.
  10. Purposefulness and intentionality are the keys to succeed at almost anything.  Most people readily understand the terms but using them effectively as tools leading to accomplishment – there’s more; a lot more.

Written by Bill Halsey, Spring, 2018

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