All My Amazing Hidden Assets

February 17, 2018

“What is an asset and why don’t I have more?” An asset is something that has value.  Most people think of money when they hear the word asset.  Money has value, so people want it. An asset is much broader than that, however. An asset is something that can be used to exchange value.  The fact is, you are rich with assets that you don’t even realize.  At Authentic Life Concepts, we help you discover and appreciate your wealth of assets.

An asset is anything that others want for their own purposes or benefit.  Think of money as an example.  People need money; they would be fine with some of yours.  It’s not that they want you to be without, but they need some.  They try to sell you things to get money from you.  They appeal to your compassion to try to get you to donate to a cause. But think about it, there are other things you have that people want.  If others want it, it must be an asset.

As an example of something non-monetary, consider “attention.”  Do people want your attention?  Yes, they do.  It must be an asset.  Why else would they say to you, “Pay attention?”  In some way, your attention must benefit other people.  It’s an asset with which you can exchange value – much like you use money to exchange value.  There are times when your attention may be even more valuable that money.

Attention is extremely valuable if someone needs another someone to be with them or to help them.  Your physical presence or your knowledge and expertise can be assets. I have experienced many times that just being with others is of immense value.  People want others with them to celebrate, to get through a tough situation, to share a deep sorrow, to feel loved.

Your ability and willingness to accept responsibility are assets.  People will ask you all the time to sit on a committee, do a chore, watch the kids, walk the dog, lead this outreach, etc. They have to have someone accept responsibility.  Your response-ability is an asset.

Just to list a few more, assets include:

  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Encouragement or affirmation
  • Perspective, knowledge, and contacts
  • Your time, which is limited and not renewable or replaceable
  • Your health, which can enable or limit the use of other assets

You are rich with assets.  Carefully watch them; manage them well.

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